Ambassador (Fitness Enthusiast)


What does it mean to be an ambassador for a brand ?

A brand ambassador is a person or an organization that represents and talks about Fit Supps in a positive light and by doing so helps to increase brand awareness and sales. This is someone that embodies the Fit Supps and believes in our products and services.


What is the role of a brand ambassador ?

A person that represents Fit Supps to a targeted group of customers in order to increase awareness, create a specific image, generate sales opportunities and build customer preference. 

Brand ambassadors for Fit Supps are NOT employee's but independent representatives.


What does a brand representative do ?

Fit Supps brand ambassadors are key sales people and marketers for our products. 

Your Job is to make contact with possible individual buyers,stores, gyms or other companies. NO one knows the product better than you.

Review Dashboard for new tools, news articles, advertisements, banners and articles post and distribute to your followers and clients. Request Catalogs to distribute.* (may be a cost) 

What does it mean to be a sports ambassador ?

 Fit Supps sports ambassador recognizes and rewards athletes. We aim to support and develop students/Athletes who are competing in any recognized sport.


How long is the term of an ambassador ?

 This would be up to the ambassador and the company. 


How do you become an ambassador for a company ?

Apply NOW If you are a motivated and results oriented!

Fill out the application and we will let you know if you've been accepted within 24 hours.


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