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Enrolling your child in a sport such as MMA, Hockey, Baseball, Football, Wrestling, Soccer can be expensive. Let's not forget the time and all the traveling invested in getting to all the practices, games tournaments!
Lucky for you there are ways to reduce these costs.
Start a Fit Supps Team Campaign: an easy fundraising program
Starting a group is free and so are the donations with product or gift card purchases. We're way past the point where we had to knock on every door in the neighborhood to ask for pocket change or to sell chocolates.
Supplements can be ordered on line and benefit the team or supporters can buy gift cards and use them at anytime in the future. 
Do You Meet in Person Regularly
The best way to raise funds is by discussing and tracking the progress frequently to motivate the group when you are meeting. You can also talk about the products and share your experiences at practices and games with others. Let them know to try what you and your team mates are using. Helping a friend... helps you and your team raise funds and could lead to nice sales increases and group funds!
Track the Funds Raised to Reduce Fees
Don't Forget to Sell Gift Cards at Events

If you have events to promote your team, take gift card orders using paper order forms. This way, you can both take orders from new and existing customers. Fit Supps fundraisers can be easily combined with other fundraisers. For example, you can have a game night with a small admission where you will be taking orders for Fit Supps Gift Cards and Product Stacks.

Fit Supplements is proud to be a fundraising partner. What are you waiting for ? Start your team fundraiser NOW!


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